Professional Competency:

Competency is the characteristic of an individual which enable him/her to perform highest performance in a given situation/environment. Competencies consist of clusters of knowledge, attitude and skill set. Now In this era just degree is not enough for your survival as a professional you have to get other skills and have to adopt a attitude of a professional. If you have all theses thinks then you can do better and better as professional.

Interpersonal Skills:

Interpersonal skills refer to the personal skill of the Software engineer. . Interpersonal skills involve using skills such as active listening and tone of voice, they include delegation and leadership. It is how well you communicate with someone and how well you behave or carry yourself.

  • The software engineer should have good communication skills so that he can listen and tell the client about project.
  • The S.E should have the ability of negotiation between different parties and have the ability to adopt new technology in projects. Applies different software development methodologies
  • He should have the ability of building a team means he should have the ability of leadership.


Communication Skills:

This is the skills which tells how one can interacts with other. It include both talking and listening of us. For being a good software engineer we should have a great command on communication as by many experts if you can communicate well then you already win the half bettle.If we communicate well there is not issue of misunderstanding  and we can develop our system in a smooth way.

  • A S.E should be good in written communication as his mostly work is in written form like documentation of project.
  • He should be good in verbal communication as he gets requirements from user and if his skills are dull then how you expect real requirements from him.
  • Listening skills should be high as he gets requirement and communicate with client. He have to listen carefully what client is telling him about project.

Presentation skills also should be high as a software engineer have to presents many aspects of project in front of different stakeholders.

Technical Expertise:

Technical expertise tell what are the special skills are required to be live in this profession.

  • A S.E should have the knowledge of external awareness of academic details like being a software engineer I should have knowledge of php ,c++ etc.
  • He should have the knowledge of internal awareness of academic discipline like he should have the knowledge to different terms of software engineering like sqe(software quality Engineering)
  • He should have the knowledge of finance of his company and have the ability to manage these issue. Finance of project is also considered.
  • He have the ability of project management.
  • He have to be aware about technology updates like an evolution in web designing with bootstrap.
  • Of course it is die hard impotent for software engineer to be well aware of computer.

Conflict Resolution:

It is a wide range of methods of addressing sources of conflict – whether at the inter-personal level or between departments. Processes of conflict resolution generally include negotiation, mediation, diplomacy and creative peacebuilding.

  • E have the ability of analysis and perception about the new project.
  • He can manage the agreement with customers like at what point how much installments will be given to company, what are the quality attributes etc.
  • He have the ability of negotiation between different parties like between clients and his company. Negotiation on contract etc.
  • He should be creative like film director because he gets every time a new problem.
  • He should aware of process like which sdlc is use like agile process r waterfall.
  1. Time Management:

Time management is the act or process of exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase efficiency or productivity

  • He should have the ability of prioritizing things like what is important and what will take more time.
  • He should have the ability of decision making according to time like he has to decide when testing should be stop if he has less time he put many aspects of testing in maintenance.
  • The should have the knowledge of his company like in how much time the can develop this system.

Goal setting and executive skills:

Goal setting is the process in which we set goal according to requirements and executive skill which are necessary to run an organization/team to complete a project.

  • He have to plane a strategy with which can can get their goals.
  • He should have the vision about project and what will need to solve this project means imaging skills.
  • He have to set the process of goal setting.
  • He should have political awareness about software system
  • He should have social awareness means what impacts will this system impose on society.
  • Creative thinking is very important for S.E.
  • He should have the ability of leader and have the courage to put his employee on work.
  • He should have the knowledge about crisis management and have the ability to overcome it


Life-long Learning:

Life-long learning is the process of learning throughout your professional life. It is essential for software engineer as their initial training and certification is provide them the stuff the use to ensure  ensure public safety, a sustainable environment, a competitive national economy, a respected profession, a profitable employer, and a fulfilling career. Mostly engineers works in large companies which have in-house learning system like employee development but you can get it from anywhere like from technical societies Ieee.

Learning is not restricted to a specific class room you can get it from work place or at home. We have to learn thing regularly to live in profession as this profession is changes/updated very quickly then other professions for example first generation use internet for getting information but now this generation start to contribute in it.for web design we use css but now new term introduce which is Bootstrap.

 Responsibility of Engineer:

Engineers must establish career paths and ensure that their technical competencies grow to meet the challenges of this profession. This can be done on the job by using informal networks of information and by formal instruction. However, there are many other participants in the lifelong learning process, including employers, educational institutions, technical societies, and professional licensing bodies.

Some engineering organizations have recommended that a certain minimum number of accredited continuing education units (CEU’s) be obtained each year in order to renew one’s professional license. CEU standards are maintained by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). The Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) is an Authorized CEU Sponsor.

Individual engineer:

Life-long Learning depends upon individual engineer. He need LLL as for survival in this profession. The technology changes regularly and one have to be ready to update himself. There are two ways to to get LLL.

1.Maintain a self-directed learning activities and schedule like reads every day

  1. Complete credit or non credit courses or workshops.

Technical societies:

The technical societies help individual to be well aware of new challenges and new technologies of Software engineering profession. Education engineer gets in universities is consist on old technologies and when the reach on job level the whole scenario has been change and new technology have been introduce so to overcome this problem they have to learn these new technologies which are provided by technical societies like ieee.These societies keep them updated.

Problem-Based Learning:

Problem-based learning is a process in which an individual learn new knowledge about the profession during solving a specific problem. When a software engineer gets new problem then he gets new techniques to solve it.This is life-long learning that you learn day by day.

Collaborative Learning:

This is the learning we learn from others like in a team we learn from other members of a team. Software engineer should have to work in groups as his specification means competencies are shine in group like group management is become an executive skill. When software engineer discuss new thing in group they get new information which is the part of life-long learning.



There is no question that software engineers must have a rich and extensive knowledge base in order to practice their  professional skills. However knowledge is of no value if the software engineer cannot recall or apply it to solve problems. Conventional software engineering curricula often do not explicitly stress the development of problem solving, critical thinking and metacognitive skills. In a rapidly changing world, we need to train ourselves to have skills that equip them for lifelong learning. The software engineer have professional competencies and life-long learning though his professional career. They have to update themselves as we update software so that it can meet with new technologies.