European and Americans companies take billions of dollar by just giving work to less known and less establish companies in India and Pakistan.People live in these countries are able to work for foreign companies because they know how to work but don’t know how to get direct project from customer.Foreign companies take project from bidding and then handover to local companies in India and Pakistan.from one eye it is fair play that foreign company take project and give it to local who work on project and get money but on the other side foreign companies take to much profit that local companies just have mare part of total amount.

We all know that India now become the home of technology.Their people work for technology and the govt also work to introduce India as a technology Boss.Indian have top technology universities like IIT Mumbai.they have Wipro Limited is an Indian multinational IT Consulting and System Integration services company headquartered in Bangalore, India.They have many faces in world of technology in which two are the CEO ‘s of Google and Microsoft. Sundar Pichai is the CEO of Google and Satya Nadella is the Ceo the biggest software company Microsoft.

       In recent days I read that Indian Prime Minister went to Google,Facebook and Microsoft headquarters to show the world that India have the power to change the world not with weapon but Technology.

      In Pakistan there are many many companies who work for google,microsoft and alot more but don’t have recognition in tehnology world.Local companies in Pakistan every year build software of price more then $1Billion.they can get more then they have if they direct contact with customers but we don’t have so much support from  our Govt like India.We have no big software company in software houses in pakistan are basically the subbranch of foreign companies.

        Our Prime Minister just meet with Bill gates for polio campaign not for tech industry of Pakistan.He never met with Facebook Founder are anyone from Tech world.May be he forget that Arfa Karim was also from Pakistan but i think Bill gates remember.We have many tech universities in Pakistan.Govt should promote local companies and their work  in tech industry.

        We work but in small companies and didn’t get as much profit as we can.Like India if we accept Tehnology as an industry and work for it they we can get $Billions of dollars.When these local companies know there are some big local company who can represent them on international level they work for it and in all matters local industry grow up and we see pakistan at high spot in tech world. W