Software Metaphysics is a probe into the nature of the reality of Software as an entity in our modern Western culture which is part of the infrastructure of globalization. We will be considering the nature of software in the context of the Western worldview which is in the process of achieving global dominance. Software is allowing Corporations to tie together very tightly there operations worldwide. And software is the basis of many affordances that have never existed before as a basis for action at a distance which touches not just ATMs, but have found a way into our cars, into our hands in cellphones, and appears to us in the worldwide web and will eventually spread through the internet of things. There are myriad technological systems today driven by software. So it is hard to think of something these days not touched by software in some way. There are really two worlds now, one is the world prior to software that we see in the dumb

 things sitting around that cannot talk to us or each other. And then there are the
 things, like smart phones, that are beginning to inhabit our world with us that do talk to each other and that we can address and get information from for better or worse. And this trend is only going to increase as the world becomes more and more tightly connected. Yet,
this entity called “software” that is behind all these changes to our
world, do we really know what it is? Software metaphysics will delve into this relationship between software, the Western worldview and our lifeworld